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eave / sofa N°03

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H70.5cm x W86cm x D86cm | Seat Height 40.5cm
PU Foam | 100% Re-granulated Polypropylene (feet)

Although our upholstered furniture is made to last, the pieces will create their own patina over time. As the items are built from various foam, wood, constructions, the pieces will, depending on their area of use, acquire various deformations in the foam. If your furniture has loose cushions, it is a good idea to turn the cushions around periodically to ensure they are exposed to uniform wear. Down-filled cushions should be fluffed and plumped up regularly (depending on usage) to ensure that the down is equally distributed inside the cushion to maintain the shape of the cushion. Textiles are dyed independently, meaning that colour variance from batch to batch can occur. The same is applicable to leather due to the tanning process.


For cleaning textiles at home, use a vacuum (soft brush) frequently, ideally every week, at half power where appropriate. Warning – do not rub the material too harshly, as this could result in loss of colour or potentially damage the nap.


We are working with three types of leather, Aniline Leather, Semi-Aniline Leather, and Protected Leather, furthermore Nubuck. The care and cleaning is the same for the three different types of leathers.

7 Care & Cleaning

• Avoid placing the leather in direct sunlight or  extreme heat

• Clean using foam from soap flakes for housecleaning

• Avoid soaking the leather or bringing it in contact  with sharp objects

• To absorb any spills, use a clean, dry cloth immediately

• To dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush regularly

• NEVER use detergents, ammonia, oils, polish, varnish

• Clean using soap flakes

• Use a 1/2 decilitre of soap flakes to a litre of hot water

• When the water is room temperature, apply the foam over the leather with a soft cloth (only use the foam and avoid soaking the leather)

• When the leather is dry, polish it with a soft, dry cotton cloth

See our furniture care page for more details.
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