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Section includes
– 2 x Rail H185.2 cm
– 2 x Shelves D20 / W80 cm with brackets
– 3 x Shelves D27 / W80 cm with brackets
– Stainless steel shelves, brackets, and screws
The beauty of marble and stone is that no two pieces are alike. Formed over thousands of years, each piece bears the trace of its history. So expect natural imperfections and markings – they make your marble unique. A little care and maintenance will reward you with a lifetime of service. To respect the authenticity of the natural stone, the marble is treated with a sealer, providing an optimal compromise between a natural finish and functionality. The sealer leaves a satin smooth surface that is repellent to liquids and dirt, however liquids, such as coffee, tea and juices should never be left to dry on the marble as it will damage the surface. Never place acidic fruit on a marble surface. Also avoid using chemicals and corrosive. To avoid damage, use trivets, coasters and placemats to protect from hot dishes or anything that may scratch or stain the surface. If you do have an accident, blot spills with paper towels (don’t rub – it will spread the liquid). Use a pH neutral detergent or stone soap to prevent the stain from drying out or absorbing into the stone. Be gentle with marble. Dust once or twice a week with a soft cloth (microfiber). Wash from time to time with a cloth dampened with warm water, if necessary, adding a small squeeze of pH neutral dishwashing liquid. Take care removing the soap with a fresh damp cloth. Don’t use abrasive cloths, sponges or wire pads, which may scratch the surface. We recommend a specialist natural stone soap to treat difficult stains. Never use acidic detergents (such as bathroom cleaners) or detergents containing bleach. Thoroughly rinse with clean water to remove all traces  of soap. Please note, sealer must be maintained every 8–12 months depending on the use.
See our furniture care page for more details.
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