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ARCH (ar·chi·tec·tur·al) : (n.) / DEKOR (de·cor/dāˈkôr) : (n)
combination of two words meaning :
"an element(s) installed, attached, applied or painted to interior and/or exterior spaces for the purpose of ornamentation and artistic expression"

ARCHDEKOR™ is a multidisciplinary design house and lifestyle brand with a branded immersive experience, creating and curating a modern and wellbeing-focused living, a platform where you can go from purchasing home goods & lifestyle items, to getting your house plans & material selections, with our unique turn-key design solutions. Our projects stand out for good design, that are accessible and sustainable by implementing the concept of minimalism, where function meets form. Our main goal is to bring form and function to the highest standards in terms of functionality and quality to create a positive living experience that fits our client’s life and style by simplifying everyday activities. We specialize in custom homes, multi-family, commercial, and healthcare interior design projects, as well as the creation and curation of bespoke furniture and decor of beautiful branded local items and crafts ranging from home goods, furniture, and sustainable lifestyle products, all in our streamlined and easy to use platform.

With a combined twenty years of experience in serving clients through referrals, the online practice was established in 2020 in response to the high demand for remote design services. Design services have the reputation of being: unapproachable and a bit confusing, seeing an opportunity to change this, ARCHDEKOR™ was founded, as a solution to create a platform that offers unique and high-quality design solutions worldwide. Is one of the first innovative platforms that offers design services with creation and curation of minimalist wellbeing-focused products integrated. Our services are clearly laid out in our design studio and our sustainable products in our store, in a straightforward way. Our communication is secure and convenient through our design studio portal for design projects and through our store login for furniture and home goods orders.

Our company has earned recognition for fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for our clients, employees and community. We are passionate about architecture, interior design and product design, from small scale design to the wider context we work and live in, be it urban, rural or coastal. As well as designing new spaces, we also believe in re-using existing materials in a way that enriches the lives of its occupants while never losing sight of good planning and beautiful sustainable design. We listen to our clients and we are committed to providing design solutions that recognize their requirements, respond to the context of their site and delivers exceptional design. We work through all projects with a creative and well considered approach no matter how small or large, implementing exclusive, approachable and stress-free design process transforming spaces from start to finish, this means our projects can be as functional as they are beautiful.