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What exactly is ARCHDEKOR service?

ARCHDEKOR was designed for clients, to connect with one of the best design teams in the world using technology to create unique designs with an infusion of architectural design and decor, this is where the name originated from, our goal is to offer online architectural design that is accessible worldwide.

For smaller re-design layouts, we offer a variety of online design packages that include general architectural services as well as material selections for your home decor. Our other extension of the company is our ARCHDEKOR store, we custom design and sell minimalistic beautiful items to complement your designs. You can choose either services and products, or a combination of BOTH, ARCHITECTURE + DECOR. We turn your ideal space imagination into reality. Whatever you need to design, this is the best place to design it!



When thinking about the design and functionality of your home, potential homeowners face one of the most significant decisions of their lifetime. It is estimated that the average person spends 80% of their lifetime indoors. While some of that includes time away at work or in your community, the vast majority of your time and memories made will be within the four walls of the place you call home. With this in mind, it is important that this space reflects the lifestyle, growth, and needs you have in mind. Architects and designers are held to a strict code of practice, and can provide great and safe design. Unfortunately, many people are put off from architects because of its elitists reputation, confusing processes, and endless jargon. ARCHDEKOR simplifies that process, and keeps everything transparent. Our transparent prices mean you're never hit with hidden fees, with our client dashboard you are in complete control and have a full panoramic view of your project, and all the design phases. You get all this while still getting great expertise only a team of architects and designers can bring to a project. Here are some benefits of working with a team of architectural designers:


Just to name a few!


What is minimalism and why is this your style?

Minimalism: it’s a word we often hear, but what does it really mean? Depending on your perspective, minimalism can pertain many different things. For instance, the tiny house trend was partially driven by the idea of simple living. This minimalist lifestyle asks people to reflect on what’s really essential in their lives and reduce the clutter—whether is physical or spiritual. At ARCHDEKOR we believe in simple yet beautiful design, this way you can focus on what really matters in life, with a space free of clutter. We specialize in creating minimal + monochrome + urban + Scandinavian style spaces, which combine beautiful materials and textures with architectural features and designer furniture. We offer turn-key solutions on our full service design firm, including architectural design, interior architecture, space planning, lighting design, kitchen and bathroom design, furniture specification and project delivery in addition to our beautiful online home decor store with general styling and interior design products. Working with an established team of architects, structural engineers and trades people, as well as having our own home decor store, that reflects our style, we are able to conceive and realize spaces which are built to the highest standards in terms of functionality, quality of finish, and design.

Do you have samples of each design package or portfolio?

Absolutely! Check out our portfolio section, on the top button in the main menu. If you would like to see more specific examples do not hesitate to contact us by email. Every design package also demonstrates examples for each on on the product images, but we are more than happy to send additional examples upon your requested.

Why hire and architectural designer or interior designer?

Architects and Designers: provide creative ways to solve design problems. That's what they are trained during their education and working experience. For instance they can find the right strategies and materials to make the project cost effective according to your budget, while still bringing an interesting design to the table. Hiring a design professional helps clients avoid costly mistakes and chaos when making design decisions for construction and or purchasing interior finishes and furnishings. As when going to a doctor, the specialist will tell you the big picture and the root of the problem, whereas the patient only feels and sees the symptoms. For a fraction of the cost of your property, is not wise to leverage the knowledge and expertise of those who know best and free yourself to do the things you specialize in. Design matters, a good design can truly improve the way you live and interact in your surroundings, when ARCHDEKOR takes on a project you can rest assured that our attention to details ensure that your day to day will be a wonderful and beautiful experience.

Are you real architects?

ARCHDEKOR is and associate member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), our CEO is also completing the requisites and process of becoming a licensed architecting the USA, and is licensed in the Caribbean, some states in the USA, for residential projects, do not require a licensed architect to go through the planning and permitting process. We have a vast experience in planning and permitting with several city halls in the USA. However in addition to this, in some countries, the tittle 'Architect' is protected by law and reserved to licensed architects and that are members of certain associations. ARCHDEKOR is an international company and since we operate in multiple territories we refer to ourselves as 'ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNERS' to comply with local laws worldwide. Our dream team is highly talented and qualified to complete any project that will guaranty the highest level of practice in our profession for our customer.
Can you provide a design that is wheelchair accessible or that is for people with disabilities/ADA Compliant?
We certainly can, when you select to work with us remotely or in person, please specify that you need your project to be ADA compliant for people with disabilities. We will be more than happy and capable to work with you.
Our easy to navigate website and platforms are compliant with ADA and accessibility codes you can read more about it on our accessibility page.


How does the e-design process on your website works?

When is time to create your dream property. Take your commercial or residential property to a whole new level. Partner with experienced architectural designers in our team. Select a package that fits the type of project you are looking for and know that your vision is being brought to live, here are the steps involving our process:

  1. The intake: Fill out our questionnaire with the project requirements, we will get back to you if we have any questions or need to clarify anything with you.
  2. Launch your project: Once you have selected a package and paid for it, we will assign a project manager and designer and your project will go live on our platform.
  3. Schematic design: We will develop conceptual ideas with design solutions for your project, at this point in time, you already have access to your project dashboard and can see the files uploaded in there for your project.
  4. Design development: Once you have approved a conceptual idea, we will develop that design and send you other files, including floorpans and 3D views, if this included in the design package you purchased.
  5. Detail design and final delivery: Depending on the design package you have purchased, we will provide, sketches, floorpans and 3D that show the final and approve layout with final selections if this is included in your design package.

NOTE: If you chose not to work remotely, depending on your location, and if we service that area, the process will be a different one, we would start with an initial consultation, followed by a design proposal and contract that will outline the deliverables as well as the fee schedule for your project. You will still have a project dashboard in any instance you choose to work with us, is one of our favorite features and open communication, using technology always. Learn more about our simple process here.
We look forward to working on your project!

How do I set up a project budget?

Setting a realistic budget from the start of the project will facilitate clear expectations . Letting the designer know what you can afford, will help achieve what you want and make staying within your budget a priority. When the designer has this information from the beginning of the process it also helps allocate the right vendors, suppliers and contractors to stay within deadlines and budget. ARCHDEKOR specializes in all ranges of budgets. For a new build you should budget 20%-30% of the total cost of your property. For an existing space, consult with your interior designer to set a fair realistic budget estimate.

Do you provide plans for a new build?

We absolutely can, we love new construction and would love to assist you with your project. Please book a free consultation or call us to kick start your project!

Can you take the project all the way through planning, city permits and construction?

Our company is registered in the state of New York, USA. But we offer all our services virtually. Therefore depending on your location, we can take your project all the way through planning and permitting, depending on the local city regulations, we can submit your application to your local city hall as your agent. You will be liable for the fee, which you will have to pay directly to the local authority or city hall. As your agent, we will follow up with the city hall on your behalf with any questions or requests they may have in the process.
Please schedule a clarity call with us to go over the requirements and processes to submit a project for planning permitting.

Do I have to pay for introduction to contractors?

We have great relationships with contractors, when we introduce you to third parties contractors and suppliers, a sum of money or commission may be paid to us for the introduction. However, this cost will not be covered by you as a client.

Can a real estate agent tell the value of my property after the renovation and/or can you help me sell my property faster?

Yes. Most estate agents will be able give you a rough idea of what your property might be worth after a project is completed, based on other similar properties in the area that have recently sold, and the current state of the market, you can rest assure that your property value will go up with any improvement or renovation. However, they will not be able to provide you with an accurate summary of the cost of your project, what opportunities for future development the property has, or whether your plans are likely to receive planning approval. If you need further assistance with this, we sell our "the design book for new homeowners" this is a great guide if you are looking to buy a property to renovate or you wish to renovate an existing one.
We can absolutely help you sell your property faster. We have worked with several homeowners and real estate agents that are listing a home for sale, we have also provided floor plans for their marketing brochures. We offer both services, staging and marketing materials for your listing, all of which can be done remotely as well, by purchasing one of our flat fee design packages on our easy to use platform.


How do I set up a project on your platform and when does the project go live?

On our easy to use platform, the first step is to go into the studio login tab, complete your questionnaire if you wish to start a project, if not, you are welcome to join our community by creating an account or subscribing to our monthly newsletter, you can also follow our blog, were we explore beautiful design trends and ideas that may serve for inspiration on your upcoming or ongoing projects. In any of those instances, we look forward to connecting with you.
Your project goes live on our easy to use platform, after you have selected the service or design package you wish to move forward with, we assign a designer to your project accordingly, after your project goes live, we are ready and excited to design for you!

How do I select a service or design package?
We have exclusively segmented our services for our clients convenience into packages and hourly. The details of our attractive packages are:
  1. Arch + Layout: For architectural layouts, you will receive a space distribution plan, sketches, and virtual 3D rendering of the space.
  2. Arch + Plans: For more elaborate architectural plans.
  3. Arch + Decor: If you want to take your project a step further, we provide furniture layouts and decor schemes + construction material selections.
Do I pay upfront, what are the fees involved and what is your fee schedule?

Our flat-fee design packages need to be paid up front for the work to start on your project, we offer a clarity call for free before you select a design package.
If you choose to go the hourly rate, with our more in depth architectural services. Payment can be made once we've issued you a quote. To pay this, you would need to login to your ARCHDEKOR account and make the payment from your dashboard. Some invoices may have a deposit option, allowing you to pay a small percentage to book in our design time. This is what we call the custom quote. Here is a breakdown of how our fees are rendered: 

  • If you have decide to go the custom quote route, with our hourly fee services, we have the following fee structure: We offer a monthly retainer, if you only need architectural advice and some drawings, Our monthly retainer is $850/monthly.
  • We have a Designer Fee that we allocate for space planning, renderings, design concept, and working drawings, we have a price list for the 3D (rendering portion).
  • We have a Purchasing Management Fee that we allocate for purchases made on the client’s behalf, this is $75/hr for purchasing services. We can estimate how many hours will be allocated for your project once we know the scope of work, and how many man hours will take for purchasing, delivery and planning all the logistical behind the scene for delivery and installations required for your project.
  • We have an hourly fee that we allocate for work done outside the scope of work originally agreed upon with our clients of architectural design services. This fee helps to minimize impact in the budget when the work to be done does not justify an additional scope of work agreement. This will be presented on the initial proposal as well.
FEE SCHEDULE WORKS AS FOLLOWS: Every individual design package outlines the deliverables and time frames. The custom quotes will also have the deliverables and dates outlined once you receive a proposal from us and approve it. If you need your project done faster please submit this request after you purchase a design package to
Either service you choose, we are super excited to work on your project!
How do I access my project on the design studio dashboard?

There is a tap on the home page, that says studio login, after you have started your project, you can bookmark this page on your browser for easy access and please keep your username and password safe. If you have lost or forgotten your password, please click on 'forgot password'. If you or the website is having technical difficulties, we are always here to help, please email us at, we will generate a temporary password that you can then reset, once you login to your project dashboard, all your project information and documents will be accessible through our easy to use platform.

How many revisions + options to the plans are included in my design package, can I request additional 3D views?

After getting your schematic design draft, which is the initial phase, you can request three revisions. If we feel that your requirements are not achievable, we will offer you other possible alternatives that meet your project goals. If you think that your goals are still not met, your project manager will assign another architectural designer from our talented design team.
We typically give clients two options, plan A and plan B for each project. After getting your schematic design draft, you will approve one of the options and we will move on to the design development phase, then detail design and final delivery, if you are still not satisfied we can give you other possible design solutions. We absolutely send you additional views or 3D, please check out or pricing for additional renderings here.

If I decide to proceed with planning and construction application phase with you, who else will be involved?

We are happy to help you with planning and construction phase, depending on your location, we can absolutely provide this service for your project. In that phase, we may introduce you to contractors and local builders, the project management can be handle by us in-house. Please request a clarity call or request a custom quote to find out more information.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Maestro, MasterCard (Eurocard), UnionPay, Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Stripe. Credit and debit cards for your convenience.
Pre-Payment types accepted:
Cash direct deposit - Order is released immediately
Cashier's Check direct deposit - Order is released immediately
Company Check Direct deposit - Check needs to clear before the order is released
Wire transfer - Order is released when transfer clears
Credit Card – Each payment must be pre-approved individually after 10 cash orders and subject to 3% processing fee.

Is buying online safe?

All customer information records will be secured both within the Internet as well as outside of it. All confidential information will be encrypted so that no third party will be able to access them. We utilize the highest SSL encryption which is the industry standard for Internet encryption, used by banks to secure online transactions.
ARCHDEKOR LLC does not access or store any payment data, such as credit card numbers, bank account details etc. The transactions are processed confidentially by Shopify, which is one of world’s leading e-commerce payment providers. The payment card details are transferred to Shopify over an encrypted SSL connection secured by SSL encryption.
The supplied order related information will only be accessed by designated ARCHDEKOR LLC employees processing deliveries, billing, transportation and customer care. Our customer database is secured by personal user logins and passwords.
If you prefer not to order online, you can place your order by phone. Please call our customer service, tel. +888 - 410 -3250 (Monday –Friday 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m - USA - Eastern Standard Time (EST) or UTC/GMT -5

What are final design selections, and can I pay for these on my project dashboard?

When you purchase a design service or package. The architectural designer, will select materials and pieces for your project, you can purchase these through the design studio portal, from there deliveries and installations will be schedule to arrive to the project site.

Can I buy a gift card and how does that work?

Yes our gift cards range from USD$100 to USD$1000. You can purchase a gift card here.You will receive a unique code which can be applied at checkout.
By contacting us:
You can also purchase Gift Cards by calling us at: 888 - 410 - 3250, Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have NO additional processing fees.

How do you protect my personal information?

ARCHDEKOR LLC does not access or store any payment data, such as credit card numbers, bank account details etc. The transactions are processed confidentially by Shopify, which is one of world’s leading e-commerce payment providers. The payment card details are transferred to Shopify over an encrypted SSL connection secured by SSL encryption. To learn move about our privacy policy please visit this link.

What are your terms of use, and terms and conditions?

Our terms of use can be found here.
Our terms and conditions can be found here.


How do I place an order?

For all ordering information please visit our 'How to Order' by clicking here or page at the menu footer of our site.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes. If you set up an account we will hold your billing and delivery details to make shopping easier to process the order, or if you wish to make other orders, it will make the process seamless the next time you login with your account. You can also update or delete your account details at any time.

How can I cancel or change my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible.If you order has not been processed or despatched we will cancel your order and issue an immediate refund. If we have already despatched your order you will need to return your order. All return information can be found here.

How do I track my order?

After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email. Each order starts production 24 hours after your order is placed. Within 72 hours of you placing your order, you will receive an expected delivery date. When the order ships, you will receive another email with the tracking number and a link to trace the order online with the carrier.

How do I return an order?

For all return information please visit our 'Returns' page by clicking the link or at the menu footer of our site.

What if an item is out of stock?

Some of our items are one offs, unique, or part of a limited collection which means we may not get them back in stock. However if you would like to know if the product you're looking for is going to be back in stock, let us know via email at or phone 888.410.3250 and we may even be able to add it onto our next order.


What shipping methods are available?

For all return shipping information please visit our 'shipping information' page by clicking on the link or at the menu footer of our site.

How long will it take to get my package?

Depending on your location, and the size of the item you order, it might take up to 3 - 4 months, if the manufacturer is located in Europe. For all shipping information please click here.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship in all of North America.
International orders require additional costs and depend on the destination. Please contact our support team for more info!

What if I need my order tomorrow // ASAP?

Our system automatically makes all order 7 -10 business days for US orders, some furniture pieces and larger items, may take longer, since they have to clear customs. We will soon be adding the option for faster delivery on our checkout system, for our domestic manufacturers.
If you would like faster deliveries let us know via email or phone, depending on the item selected and leads times for this item and availability, we will then calculate the postage for 24hr/48hr delivery and send you an invoice for the extra cost and we will alert our despatch team to send you parcel out as soon as possible!

When will I know my order has been dispatched?

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email within 24hrs, to let you know we've received your order, we will then send you another email to let you know your delivery is on the way!
Note: For digital download items, you may download automatically after purchase, and start enjoying your purchase. If you have any issues with your download please contact us here.

My order has not arrived, what do I do?

Don't worry, all of our shipments are sent recorded so we always know where they are. If you order has not arrived please give us a call on 888.410.3250 or email, quoting your order number and we will then give you your tracking number which locates your parcel.


What warranties do you offer?

For all warranties information per categories please visit our 'Warranties' page by clicking on the link or at the menu footer of our site.

How do I take care of my furniture?

For all furniture care recommendations per categories please visit our 'furniture care' page by clicking on the link or at the menu footer of our site.

Do you offer any furniture protection plans?

For all furniture protection recommendations and products available, per categories please visit our 'furniture protection plans' page by clicking on the link or at the menu footer of our site.

What if my item arrives damaged?

We advise you to contact us immediately! We look after all damage claims, however, we need to know about the issue as soon as possible. Items shipped to your receiver of choice must be inspected when received in order for us to make a claim with the shipper and/or manufacturer. We’re here to arrange repair or replacement of the item as required if it is damaged in transit.

I have a promo CODE how do I use it?

To redeem your promotion simply enter your promo code in at checkout in the 'Promo Code' box.
If your promo code is not working, firstly make sure that it is entered correctly, and if it still isn't working it may be expired or doesn't apply to your order.
Promo codes can only be used once per customer and only one promo code may be applied to your order.