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  • Nº56/A Guide to Commercial Awnings
    October 2, 2023 ARCHDEKOR® LLC
    Architecture, Interior Design

    Nº56/A Guide to Commercial Awnings

    Businesses are continuously looking for ways to spruce up their buildingís appearance. In addition to wanting to look great, businesses are also frequently looking for cost-effective ways to advertise. Commercial awnings are a great way to get both functional savings and advertising from a single product.
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  • Nº55/A New Way Sports Fans Can Show Their Loyalty
    September 25, 2023 ARCHDEKOR® LLC
    Architecture, Furniture, Interior Design

    Nº55/A New Way Sports Fans Can Show Their Loyalty

    A lot of sports fans support their favorite teams by wearing hats or uniforms with logos, colors and even mascots on them. If you're looking for additional ways to show your team spirit, how about painting a room with the exact colors of your favorite team?
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  • Nº54/A Luxury Featherbed Delivers The Ultimate Sleep Experience .
    September 18, 2023 ARCHDEKOR® LLC
    Furniture, Interior Design

    Nº54/A Luxury Featherbed Delivers The Ultimate Sleep Experience .

    Since we spend a third of our life in bed, it makes sense to enjoy the experience with as much luxury as we can. Featherbeds have become enormously popular in the last few years. Comfort lovers just want more luxury in bed, or people get their new luxury mattress home to find it is too firm. Just what is a featherbed? It is the ultimate mattress topper, far superior to cotton, polyester or wool and it is much thicker and more sumptuous, and will last for years. It is filled with either mostly feather, a combination of down and feather, or all down, known as a down bed. This cushiony luxury, used with a cover for protection, goes on top of your mattress under the fitted sheet to add pure luxury and sublime comfort to deliver better sleep year-round.
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  • Nº53/A Look at Cuckoo Clock Movement
    September 11, 2023 ARCHDEKOR® LLC
    Interior Design

    Nº53/A Look at Cuckoo Clock Movement

    The inside mechanics of cuckoo clocks maintain virtually the same design since the day they were first created in the Black Forest of Germany. While the parts are now sometimes made out of metal and plastic instead of the all wood versions that started it all, the weights and counterbalance mechanisms that help them perform accurately and to imitate the sound of the cuckoo bird have not changed much in almost 300 years. A mechanical movement run by weights that hang from the bottom of the clock drives the action of most cuckoo clocks. Most clocks have three weights, while some larger more complex versions require three weights hanging from the front of the cabinet. They are commonly in the shape of pinecones and must be pulled periodically, depending on the model. Spring-driven cuckoo clocks never really caught on and subsequently are quite rare.

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  • Nº52/A Look At A Few Popular Decorating Styles
    September 4, 2023 ARCHDEKOR® LLC
    Interior Design

    Nº52/A Look At A Few Popular Decorating Styles

    A Look At A Few Popular Decorating Styles Popular decorating styles are always changing. Is your home up to date on the latest fashion trends and decorating tips?

    Popular decorating styles are fun, interesting and they just add something to talk about to the rest of the home. If you are considering a redo of your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom or virtually any other room in or outside of your home, consider some of todayís more popular choices. You are sure to fin...
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  • Nº51/A Guide to Tropical Wall Murals
    August 28, 2023 ARCHDEKOR® LLC
    Interior Design

    Nº51/A Guide to Tropical Wall Murals

    Popular tropical wall murals create the illusion of paradise in your home. They can bring sunshine and warmth into a room with no windows or help stave off the winter blues. You can incorporate a tropical scene into your room by painting windows framing a white-sanded tropical beach. You can paint a giant palm tree growing from you floor, with colorful parrots perched in the trees. You can have a sea and water theme, with sandy beaches painted near your ceiling, and water filled with beautifully bright tropical fishes below.
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