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ARCH (ar·chi·tec·tur·al) : (n.) / DEKOR (de·cor/dāˈkôr) : (n)
combination of two words meaning :
"an element(s) installed, attached, applied or painted to interior and/or exterior spaces for the purpose of ornamentation and artistic expression"

ARCHDEKOR™ is a multidisciplinary design house and lifestyle brand. Founded in response to the high demand for remote design services. Realizing that this demand was not going away - design consumers craved an easier and immersive way to collaborate remotely. Today, ARCHDEKOR™ is blazing a trail as the first design firm of its kind, offering a combination of online and in-person platform for purchasing home goods and furniture and a design studio for creating blue prints and material selections + specifications. Founded in New York City, ARCHDEKOR™ moved its headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2022, and continues to expand. Here, you’ll find everything you need for your home or office design. No matter the scale or scope of your project, and no matter where you are located around the world, ARCHDEKOR™ is ready to assist.

The ARCHDEKOR™ philosophy centers around creating and curating modern, wellbeing-focused living through their multidisciplinary design house and lifestyle brand. The website offers everything you need to complete your home or office design, including a shop, where you can seamlessly purchase home goods and lifestyle items. Through the design studio, you can get everything from house plans to decor created and/or curated to your specifications. We are your ultimate one-stop design house. All of this is accomplished to bring form, function, and exquisite quality craftsmanship to your space. Whether you want to streamline your organization to make daily tasks simpler or if you’re looking to furnish an entire space with the help of an interior design professional, ARCHDEKOR™ can help. We are pioneering the design space with a simple to use, innovative platform, that will make your design experience a dream come true.

At ARCHDEKOR™, our clients are our top priority. We are committed to completing each project perfectly and truly listen to each and every clients’ needs to deliver an exceptional final product. We also take our clients privacy and security seriously, which is why we offer secure communication via the design studio portal for design projects and through store login for furniture and home goods orders. When you’re ready to experience the immersive collaborative platform that’s taking the design world by storm, we invite you to connect with our team for your no-obligation consultation!


Amelia Rozas, founder and design director of ARCHDEKOR™, was at the helm of Amelia Rozas Design Inc. for nearly 11 years. She felt her direction changing and wanted to create a full-service, streamlined platform that would offer sustainable handmade goods. In 2020, the demand for remote design services skyrocketed due to the pandemic, and that’s when she launched ARCHDEKOR™. Amelia’s passion for design was sparked early in life. She comes and is inspired by her artistic and creative family of architects and was raised by architects + entrepreneurs. She describes herself as "loving and living for art and design," and believes that art and design is the only way to truly express individuality to the world. She holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Architecture from Florida International University (FIU) and Universita degli Genova in Genova, Italy. A lifelong learner who believes in staying on top of industry trends, Amelia has also taken classes at the Sheffield School of Interior Design, International University’s Art Institute, and the QC Design School, and she is a Certified International Staging and Re-Design Professional. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and The Institute Degree Designation Program, and she has completed the IDP and CIDQ requirements to become a licensed architect and licensed interior designer. With years of international educational and professional experience in the Caribbean, Europe and the United States, she has overseen plan and designed a wide range of healthcare, commercial, institutional and residential projects. Amelia also spent many years in New York City and Central New Jersey specializing in healthcare design and multi-family projects where she was the design director, responsible for large scale architectural and interior design work. She has published two design books "The Design Book For New Homebuyers Find it, design it, love it" available on Amazon Kindle and "Interior Design Made Easy from ARD". Amelia Rozas works and books has received accolades in numerous publications and home design shows, as well as her own lectures on stage at the Home Design and Remodeling Show, TV interviews on TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, Radio and Podcast Interviews for the New York Times, as well as publications on L'Elite magazine in France, The Miami Herald, Atlanta Business Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, Chicago Business Week, Chicago Business Journal, City Shore, Dallas Business Journal and many others. Today, Amelia is passionate about helping her clients, designing beautiful sustainable spaces, centered on a wellbeing-focused lifestyle, advocating for minority women owned businesses and carrying on her family’s legacy through ARCHDEKOR™.